March 25, 2018

I get asked quite a bit about my healing sessions through skype and how it can work so well through a medium like that since the idea of healing with sound is about the physical vibration, right?

I understand why people wonder, since there is definitely a difference in how we experience, for example, being right next to a singing bowl singing, and just hearing the sound of it, but to our brains there is really no difference! Our brains pick up the frequency and are entrained accordingly, no matter how strong the physical vibration in the space where you are is. When the brain is responding to a frequency the body will also vibrate to it. It might be more subtle and, depending on how perceptive you are, you may not feel it as strongly right away, but nonetheless it is happening and it will have the desired healing effect.

The healing experience has to do with more than just the vibration too, of course. It is said that the main ingredient in healing is intent, and this is what makes some...

March 18, 2018

I talk a lot about sound. About everything in existence being in a constant state of vibration and thus always emitting sound. The truth is there is no such thing as quiet. I heard once about a room built by some researchers that was built in such a way that it absorbed almost 100% of all sounds. It was the quietest room in existence and it is said that most people could not spend more than a few minutes in there before it became unbearable. If they uttered a word it just immediately disappeared and they could hear the sounds from inside their bodies very loudly. Their heartbeats in their ears etc… It is said that some people vomited. Others fainted. Sounds a bit strange, maybe, but think about it; when do you ever experience total silence? The answer is; never!

But that is not really what I wanted to talk about in this post. What I wanted to talk about is the kind of inner silence that is often talked about in relation to meditation. This inner silence or silence of the mind is often i...

March 10, 2018

This weeks post will be a suggestion to you. The suggestion is that you adopt a simple practice. It will only take you a few minutes every day, and the benefits can be truly amazing.

It is a small step into the world of Nada Yoga; the Yoga of Sound.

If you have been following my work for some time, you have sort of already been introduced, but now it is a good time for you to start practicing on your own. After all; you are your own healer!

You have probably been exposed to the famous mantra “Aum” some time in your life. Probably best known as “Om”, but this is a bit of a simplification and will not have the same, powerful effect as chanting all three syllables in full; A-U-M.

It is said to be the primordial sound. Before Aum there was no sound, no vibration. No physical creation.

We can maybe go deeper into that at a later time. For now I will suggest to you that you just start chanting.

Chant Aum 9 times every morning and every night. Commit to doing this for a week at first and see how it...

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