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February 11, 2018

I get this question quite a bit, and the answer is; yes, of course! I mean, good luck avoiding it!

If it was dangerous to listen to music tuned to 440 hz and equal temperament, we would all be in big trouble since this is the case with the vast majority of music we hear every single day. 

Is it bad for us in any way?

The answer must be yes, but it is highly unlikely that one song will make us drop dead or anything like that.

For overall wellbeing the human body needs to be in a state of harmony. Anything that is dissonant will cause some sort of problem, but the human body is an amazing piece of technology!

For example there are people who eat nothing but junk food their entire lives and still they can make it to 50-60 years of age. They dont look good, and im sure they dont feel good, but they are alive. The body is still functioning. At a bare minimum, at least.

You have to decide your own degree of wellbeing, so to speak.

We are surrounded by dissonant sounds all the time. We cant avoid...

February 4, 2018

How do you listen to music? Do you even listen at all? I often listen to music while I am doing the dishes or cooking or something like that, which is fine. Just something in the background that you can sing along to and do some funky dancemoves while you are doing what you are doing, to make the work a little more enjoyable.

But how often do you sit down and just listen to music? Nothing else. No phone. No book. No talking. Just listening to music? People used to do this, you know. It is only in recent years this has become a rare phenomenon.

If you want to get the most out of my music, this is how it should be listened to. Just saying…

And what do you listen with? Most of us would probably say our ears, right? This makes sense, of course, but did you know that our entire bodies perceive sound, not just our ears?

So again; how do you listen? Do you ever actively feel the music? What does it feel like? Is it the sounds that causes you to feel, or is it the words in the song?

Storytelling in...

January 21, 2018

Have you heard about the temple of Borobudur and its 432 buddha statues?

This 9th century buddhist temple in Indonesia is the worlds largests and is made up of nine platforms, six square and three round. On the first six, square levels there are 432 buddha statues in total. On the upper three, circular levels there are 72 statues. Please do some searches on this if interested. There are many more interesting numbers in this place. What I have written here is pretty much the exact same as wikipedia says. This info is not hard to find, and you do not have to go to obscure new age pages.

Ok, so the 432 we know of course. Its the famous A note at the center of it all. The 72 is also on the scale and it is a D. A few octaves above the fundamental and deep 9 hz and just below the mystical 144. More on that a bit later.

First lets remember the 72,000 nadis, the energy channels in the human body that according to yogic philosophy distributes the prana. Sort of as the connecting wires between the...

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