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November 16, 2017

We all know music feels good. At least most of us. And we tend to have differing opinions about what kind of music feels best, but we can all agree that it feels good. 

Fact is that music IS good for us! Better than we might think. 

Several studies have shown that downtempo, harmonic music triggers relaxation responses in the brain. Heart rate slows down, muscles relax, which again can lead to pain relief, that again leads to deeper relaxation. Just like most of us know that music feels good, most of us know that deep relaxation is good for us. I would bet there are few that would argue against its numerous health benefits. 

Another exiting benefit to sound and music is it`s remarkable ability to alter our state of consciousness that again can shine a light into our subconscious which allows us to heal emotional trauma, open doors deep in the mind that we didn't know existed, connect us with otherwordly energies and beings such as guiding spirits or whatever we might prefer to call t...

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