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Why Is Sound Such An Amazing Tool For Energy Work?

Why is sound such an amazing tool for energy work? The simple answer is: resonance!

Physics explains resonance as a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.

The best known example is probably that of sympathetic resonance; say we have two tuning forks in the same room, both tuned to the same frequency. If we strike one of the forks, causing it to vibrate, the other will immediately start vibrating too, even though it has not been physically touched! This can also happen over great distances. It could explain why some people seem to instantly vibe with each other! They are on the same frequency, or different frequencies that harmonise!

There is also a phenomenon called forced resonance. This is the soundhealers secret weapon!

If a human, or anything at all, is exposed to a certain frequency over time, ranging from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the force of the frequency and how closely the human or object already resonates to the vibration in question, the dominant frequency will take over and force it to resonate with it! This is how humans can be tuned and thus balanced. And relatively easily too!

This is also how we can be knocked off balance, or out of tune. Be aware of what vibes you expose yourself to!

Sound is a mechanical energy. It physically and forcefully affects its surroundings. Standing next to the speakers at a concert, for example, we can clearly feel the sounds physically move us. Especially the deeper bass sounds. They have a deeper frequency and are thus denser and more physical. Closer to matter. Closer to our own physical vibration. The higher tones are what lift us up and, simply put, raises our overall vibration, and resonate more with the spiritual aspects of life.

This does not mean that the deeper sounds are not good for soundhealing or energywork. Different sounds simply affect us in different ways and those deep vibrations are, for example, very good for overall relaxation, deep tissue massage and pain relief. All sounds within the human hearing range “belong to this dimension” we could say, and they all have their specific capabilities.

There are also sounds beyond our hearing range, of course, just as there are light that the human eye can not see. Both below and above the audible spectrum. How far it goes we have no idea, yet, but we already know, and use, for example ultrasound and infrasound. These sounds are always there, even if we can`t hear them, and they do affect us.

I also have to mention here that there really is no such thing as a single tone. When we hit a key on a piano, we perceive it as a single note. And for simplicity we have also decided to relate to it as that. But that one note actually contains many many notes. Maybe hundreds, thousands, millions… we do not know. What we do know is that any single sound immediately explodes into many different sounds, and also that it is always affected by its surroundings; Its source, the space in which it is audible, etc. If the source of the sound is a piano, the sound is “colored” by the materials the instrument is made of, the room it is in and so on. Even the ears of the listener!

Even if you play a note from a simple frequency generator the sound will be affected by everything it touches. This is important to know for people like me who operate with very specific frequencies. If I play the famous A 432 hz note on an instrument, I know that the 432 frequency is always vibrating at the center of it, but it is never static. It can fluctuate between, say, 425 and 435 hz. All at the same time. This is just a guess, I have no way of measuring this, and it varies depending on many different factors. In addition to that you have a myriad of overtones (and probably undertones) vibrating simultaneously. So the point with those specific tunings is not to be a 100% exact, which is literally impossible, but to get as close as we can and to make sure those frequencies are part of the overall harmony.

I will go more in depth regarding this in future posts. I will end with saying that here in the third dimension there can not be such a thing as perfect harmony, but we can come close, and it seems to be my mission (obsession?) in life to come as close as humanly possible.

I will be back with more in a weeks time.

Thank you for reading.


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