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Some More Reasons To Retune!

According to NASA the radius of the sun is 432,168,6 miles. It is not perfect but it is pretty close! I am not saying it proves anything. I am just saying;)

Let us make what seems like a big jump, but might not be, and talk a little bit about the Hindu theory of the World Cycles.

The smallest cycle is called Maha Yuga. It is 4,320,000 human years. This is Hindu tradition. This is in no way affected by sound healing theory or modern cosmogony. Pay attention now…

A Maha Yuga is divided into four cycles with a ratio of 4:3:2:1

Satya Yuga - 1,728,000 years.

Treta Yuga - 1,296,000 years.

Dvapara Yuga - 864,000 years.

Kali Yuga - 432,000 years.

We have the 432 A as you can seen, we also have 864 and 1728 which are octaves of 432 and also, interestingly, we have 1296 which is an E note on the 432 scale and the perfect 5th of A! For those of you who do not know; it is extremely harmonious;D

The Hindu scriptures have more!

The length of a day in the life of the god Brahma is called a kalpa. Two kalpas are one day and one night. Each kalpa is 4,32 billion years.

A year of Brahma is 720 kalpas or 360 days and nights. 360 and 720 are octaves of F# on the 432 scale.

There are many other numbers in the Hindu writings. I suggest you do some research yourself, and realise that these writings are thousands of years old. These numbers show up numerous other places in religion.

What about the 144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel in the bible? 144 is a D on the 432 scale. Right on the money!

Even in my own and dear Norse religious texts these familiar numbers appear. The number 9 is literally everywhere, and many others and also the number 432 shows up once! It is said that Valhall has 540 doors and 800 warriors can pass through all of them at once.

540x800 = 432,000

And 540 is a C# on the scale.

It is also interesting to mention that the pre-christian religion in Europe and Scandinavia and Hinduism are very closely related. Many researchers believe that they were the same religion some time in our past.

We can of course say that this is all coincidence. I have chosen to believe that it is not, and I will keep sharing why, because I believe it is important.

Bits and pieces here and there, and in the end it will hopefully cover everything I know in the simplest way possible.

Thank you for reading and I will be back with more very soon.


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