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Highway To Hell!

I saw an interesting little clip on Instagram stories the other day. It was in a crowded bar. Everybody dancing and singing at the top of their lungs to AC/DC`s classic track “Highway To Hell”.

It kind of shook me. I am almost never in bars, so I had kind of forgotten that they exist;P It was a powerful reminder of what the music of our culture is actually doing to us.

It is not my intention to criticise AC/DC or their fans in any way, but fact is that I am convinced that this kind of music, and the RITUAL of parties or concerts with tens or hundreds or thousands of people passionately singing “I`m on a highway to hell”, combined with an aggressive beat and loud, dissonant tones, is highly destructive.

This is an affirmation. And a gathering of people, highly emotional, all focused on this same affirmation, is very very powerful. It is manifestation. This is how magic ritual works! We are manifesting our own highway to hell.

Hell is, of course, whatever we associate with that word, but there is hardly any of us that associate it with anything pleasant…

I am not here to tell you to not listen to your favourite music anymore, but I would recommend trying to be a little aware about this. There is so much destructive and aggressive music out there now. Do not get me started on hip hop;P

One thing is the dissonant tones. Another thing are the lyrics… angry, violent, destructive, or just plain stupid!

I am a fan of hip hop, by the way, and I am not saying that all hip hop music fits this description. Do not write me off as a hater. I am just aware of the sounds and affirmations that I surround myself with, and that I repeat to myself again and again. And all I am doing with this is to suggest that you become aware of this too.

Again, my intention is not to criticise any artists or fans out there. AC/DC are about playing some rock`n`roll and having some fun, and I am all for that. Not everything needs to be all deep and spiritual and happy hippie shit, but… be aware!

And if you want to listen to that kind of music at least find some way to balance it out in your life so you do not BECOME those frequencies. If you allow yourself to become those frequencies you will soon find yourself in some version of your own personal idea of hell, and I can guarantee that you will not enjoy it.

Just my two cents.

I will be back with more 432 magic in about a week. See you then!


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