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Borobudur, Chakras, and some more Math!

Have you heard about the temple of Borobudur and its 432 buddha statues?

This 9th century buddhist temple in Indonesia is the worlds largests and is made up of nine platforms, six square and three round. On the first six, square levels there are 432 buddha statues in total. On the upper three, circular levels there are 72 statues. Please do some searches on this if interested. There are many more interesting numbers in this place. What I have written here is pretty much the exact same as wikipedia says. This info is not hard to find, and you do not have to go to obscure new age pages.

Ok, so the 432 we know of course. Its the famous A note at the center of it all. The 72 is also on the scale and it is a D. A few octaves above the fundamental and deep 9 hz and just below the mystical 144. More on that a bit later.

First lets remember the 72,000 nadis, the energy channels in the human body that according to yogic philosophy distributes the prana. Sort of as the connecting wires between the chakras.

As far as the chakras are concerned I have earlier touched on how they fit perfectly in to the 432 scale. Let me elaborate on that a little bit here;

There is talk of 114 chakras as far as I know. I have also heard talk of several more, but in immediate relationship to body the yogis and gurus talk about 114. Out of these 114, two are outside of the body, and four can not be worked with it any way.

That leaves us with 108 chakras and we can understand why 108 is such a common and obviously significant number in many ancient religions and philosophies. 108 also happens to be the A note two octaves below the 432!

432 is a fundamental number. A middle number. An average number. It is a starting point and a cross sum of the matrix of matter. This is what I believe, anyway.

According to Graham Hancock, if you multiply the height of the great pyramid in Giza with 43200 the resulting number matches the polar radius of earth with 99,6%

if you multiply the length of one base side with 43200 the number you get matches the length from the equator to the north or south pole by 99,6%.

Try to calculate for yourself!

You might argue that its not 100% and therefore it does not count, but I will say that we are talking about human beings striving for perfection. For God, if you will. This is pretty much what art does; it does its best to imitate the perfection of creation, but it will always be missing the mark by tiny margins. Music is definitely like this. It is not possible to achieve perfect harmony, we are simply stretching towards it and my aim is to take it as far as possible!

There were supposedly 144000 casingstones on the pyramid originally btw;)

In a recent post i wrote about the Yugas. The Hindu World Cycles


There is actually another theory about the length of the cycles, that sort of contradicts the one previously mentioned, but beautifully fits into the 432 theory!

Very briefly, it states:

Sat Yuga: 5184 years

Treta Yuga: 3888 years

Dwapara Yuga: 2592 years

Kali Yuga: 1296 years.

If you know a bit about the 432 theory you will recognize the numbers immediately.

1296, 2592 and 5184 are octaves of E! The 3888 is a B, the perfect fifth of E!

If you have paid a little attention you will remember that the other theory of the length of the Yugas turned out to be three A notes over an E note which is the perfect fifth of A!

I find this very interesting and very beautiful and all perfectly aligning with the idea that music should be tuned to 432 A and universal geometrical harmony.

In the first theory I talked about, all the Yugas combined, a Maha Yuga, turned out to be 4,320,000 years.

This time, interestingly, they add up to 25920 years, which corresponds with the note G# on the 432 scale. The Notes E, G# and B makes up an E major chord!

I know…. a whole bunch of strange numbers and coincidences, right?

I am just mentioning a few examples of many. These posts could go on for pages and pages, but I will deliver what I know in nice bite sizes. I assume that anyone truly interested will do some research on their own. Do not believe anything I write until you have checked and triple checked! One should never relate anything on only one internet article, anyway. Read all of them if you truly want to know. From all angles. But you know this, of course;)

The point is that these patterns are fundamental to understanding how the universe and everything in it functions. People used to know about these things and align their lives with it. Harmony in every aspect. The 432 is so much more than just retuning your instruments and playing some music. The music is a very important part, but still only part.

These numbers and several more keep showing up everywhere. Have a look around you! Look into science, spirituality, philosophy… and you will find them! Look at the relationships with Phi and Fibonacci numbers and the golden mean and then again look at those numbers in the entire cosmos. They repeat again and again. All those same numbers. You may say that it is coincidence, but I simply do not believe in that. This is not coincidence, this is design and with sound we can easily align with it. Harmonise with creation itself, something that it is vital for the wellbeing and ultimate survival of humans, and that we have gotten pretty lousy at, I would say;)

I think that is good for now.

Have a great week;)


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