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Let`s talk about 528Hz

This is a subject that I have been purposely avoiding for some time now, although I always knew that I would have to talk about it sooner or later. It is a very sensitive subject to many people. Many have a lot invested in it, both emotionally and financially.

It is also slightly embarrassing for me because when I first heard about it I bought into it right away, without doing proper research. I was already deep into the 432 theory so when I heard about 528 and the so-called solfeggios I just jumped on it and started making music. Happy to have found even more magical frequencies.

As with everything I am interested in, though, no matter how much I know I keep doing research. So when I finally started looking seriously into the 528 thing it did not take long before I realised that a lot of things did not add up…

But first, let me talk a little bit about what is right about these frequencies!

They are definitely interesting numbers in relation to the matrix of creation. If you are familiar with the mathematician Marco Rodin and his mathematical fingerprint of god, you will instantly recognize the numbers on this “scale”. I say “scale”, because when you play them as a scale they are not harmonious at all...

396, 417, 528, etc.. If you look at them a bit closer you will see that it is simply the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 arranged in different ways. Do some googling and you will see how all the frequencies in question are arranged like this.

Like all numbers, they have their natural place when we break down creation mathematically, mathematicians call them “family number groups”, but there is very little, however, that suggests that these numbers are meant to be used as musical frequencies!

So let us look into some of the things that are not so right about this theory…

First of all, when you do research on this, you will soon find that all of the trails lead back to one man: Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Dr. in this case means dentist, by the way. Nothing wrong with being a dentist, but it does not make you an expert on healing frequencies or anything related...

I do not like to talk that much about specific people, especially not when I do not have many nice things to say. I think the fact that pretty much all of the info online about this subject leads back to one of his books or seemingly countless websites, speak for itself.

I will give him one compliment, though; he is very good at PR! His ability to spread his beliefs(if he even believes it himself) is very impressive! His ability and willingness to back up his claims with actual research, however, is not very impressive…

Probably the most famous claim he makes is that scientists are using 528 hz to repair DNA.

I have tried hard and I have found absolutely nothing that suggests that this has ever happened. When I follow the clues I always end up on one of the websites created by this person or some other website simply quoting one of his websites! No evidence of scientific studies or experiments can be found.

By me, at least. That does not have to mean it does not exist, of course, and if anyone knows about any good evidence on this I am very interested in seeing it!

The list of fantastic claims he makes goes on and on and on… and the evidence is nowhere to be seen… As always I urge you to do your own research, and if you find anything interesting, please share it with me.

He also explains how we can tune our instruments to include the 528 frequency in our music and he even claims that these frequencies make up the original “solfeggio scale”. There are too many details to go into here, I would have to write a book about it, but it is very clear that he knows absolutely nothing about music theory! The things he talks about simply does not add up. It is not true! If you are interested in more details on this I recently posted a very informative video on my facebook page. Go have a look. You will find all the links if you click “home” on this site.

As soon as I realised how poor the evidence was I stopped making music with these frequencies, and I will not use them again until I am presented with something a lot more convincing than what I have found so far.

Be sure that I have no personal agenda here, I am aware that there is a thing going in the internet world that has sort of become a “war” between the believers of 432 and the believers of 528. I have no interest in this. All I am interested in is consistent evidence, harmony and healing. If anything, I wish the whole 528 thing was true, because it would give me many more frequencies to work with, and I have some cool tunings involving these frequencies! Not to mention marketing. If i started pushing 528 like I push 432 it could potentially double my income, so I could easily just ignore the facts(or lack thereof) and go with it! But that is not how I operate, I will never consciously trick anyone and I will always keep doing research and if I find convincing evidence that contradicts any belief I hold, I will change immediately. My personal feelings do not matter. What matters is healing and bringing true harmony to the world!

I know a lot of people use the 528 hz frequency for healing and feel that it resonates deeply with them. I am not going to contest this in any way, but we have to acknowledge the fact that most of these people have probably heard about what 528 can supposedly do before they started using it, and if people believe that something will work in a certain way, this is also how they will experience it! This is human nature. We are very susceptible beings! I personally have experimented quite a bit with 528 and I can not say that it resonates much with me at all, and it can not be compared to the amazing effects of the 432 frequencies in any way. They are two different worlds.

I am also a susceptible human, however, and it must be said that by the time I really started experimenting with this I was already sceptical, so who knows…

It could be that different frequencies resonate differently with different people. Like in the way that some people has metabolisms that are very well suited for veganism, for example, while others types are clearly not.

There are many possibilities and I remain open minded, but for now I will stick to using the 432 frequencies and I will avoid the whole 528 thing until I am presented with some convincing evidence. Like with the 432 where the evidence just keeps popping up everywhere!

In the spirit of trying to keep these posts short and sweet, I will end it here, but I have a feeling that the last word is not said on this.

What must be said, however, is what most of us hopefully are aware of and remind ourselves of every time we see something online: However many times a lie is repeated, it does not make it true! And the internet is full of claims about all kinds of things in memes and quotes and whatnot. Do not take ANY of it for truth! Always be critical. Do proper research before you repeat something. The claim about DNA repair, for example. It has been repeated SO many times, and it keeps happening. Its is completely out of hand at this point. This is a dangerous trend, and we can not let it continue.

Ok, that will be all for now. Feel free to challenge me on anything I have written here. Constructive debate is always very welcome.

Thank you for reading and I will be back in a week or so.


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