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Nada Yoga

This weeks post will be a suggestion to you. The suggestion is that you adopt a simple practice. It will only take you a few minutes every day, and the benefits can be truly amazing.

It is a small step into the world of Nada Yoga; the Yoga of Sound.

If you have been following my work for some time, you have sort of already been introduced, but now it is a good time for you to start practicing on your own. After all; you are your own healer!

You have probably been exposed to the famous mantra “Aum” some time in your life. Probably best known as “Om”, but this is a bit of a simplification and will not have the same, powerful effect as chanting all three syllables in full; A-U-M.

It is said to be the primordial sound. Before Aum there was no sound, no vibration. No physical creation.

We can maybe go deeper into that at a later time. For now I will suggest to you that you just start chanting.

Chant Aum 9 times every morning and every night. Commit to doing this for a week at first and see how it feels. If you do, I will bet that you will notice that you are much more calm and balanced than you were before, and that you will never want to stop doing it. If not regularly then use it when you feel you need it. Whenever you feel a bit “off”, whatever that may mean… irritable, not grounded, restless… take a moment, breathe deep and chant Aum. I guarantee it will help.

Do not worry about how your voice sound, this is not a singing competition! Focus instead on being relaxed and letting the sound come out naturally and not forced in any way. Typically we hear people chant Aum in a very deep voice. This is not necessary. Whatever comes natural to you. If your voice is deep it will be deep. If your voice is high, will be high. Simple as that;)

I talk a lot about specific frequencies, but I will tell you something that is a bit of a sound healing secret; Everybody has their own unique frequency, or sound, just like everybody has their unique fingerprint! If you can find your unique sound, and then use it regularly, it can heal you of literally everything that may need healing in you! And chanting Aum will be of great help to you if you want to find your sound!

The best thing to do is to sit comfortably while chanting but you can also stand, if you feel like it or have to. The important thing is that your spine is as straight as possible.

The sound “A” should sound like the A in the english word “far” as in “far away” the “U” will sound sort of like an O, but you do not have to think about it as it will happen naturally as you slowly shape your mouth into a circle before you close it. The “M” should be a no-brainer;P

Notice how the A sound starts to vibrate low in your body and as you gradually move into the U or O sound the vibration rises, and by the time you get to M you will feel it mostly in your head.

Try it! One of the biggest factors in “success” in spiritual endeavours is a regular, daily practice. If you do not have one, I suggest you adopt this one. If you already have a practice I suggest you add this one to it. I guarantee tremendous benefits.

I am going to end it here. Let me know how your practice went, and do not hesitate to reach out for me if you have any questions!

Thank you for reading and I will be back in about a week.


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