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Healing Through The Internet!

I get asked quite a bit about my healing sessions through skype and how it can work so well through a medium like that since the idea of healing with sound is about the physical vibration, right?

I understand why people wonder, since there is definitely a difference in how we experience, for example, being right next to a singing bowl singing, and just hearing the sound of it, but to our brains there is really no difference! Our brains pick up the frequency and are entrained accordingly, no matter how strong the physical vibration in the space where you are is. When the brain is responding to a frequency the body will also vibrate to it. It might be more subtle and, depending on how perceptive you are, you may not feel it as strongly right away, but nonetheless it is happening and it will have the desired healing effect.

The healing experience has to do with more than just the vibration too, of course. It is said that the main ingredient in healing is intent, and this is what makes some healers better than others. Anybody can just get a singing bowl or whatever that plays a certain frequency and use it and it will have a healing effect, but a person that is meditative and has trained themselves to direct their intent consciously and that are able to hold that focus will do the job a lot better. I believe anybody can learn this, but there is no doubt that the ability to direct energy in this way is also something that some people just seem to be born with.

Speaking of directing energy; a lot of people also wonder how energy can be directed across great distances. I regularly do healing sessions for people that are literally on the other side of earth and still it has a very powerful effect. This is because energy is not bound by the laws of space and time like our physical bodies are. Just the fact that we can communicate with someone on the other side of the world through a thing like skype proves this.

Even without electronic devices this is relatively easily done; if you simply think about someone that is not in the same physical space as you, you are directing energy at them. With time and practice it is very possible that we can communicate across great distances just as we do now with computers, but with none of these fancy devices at all!

I also have a theory that since there is a connection through the internet when I do these sessions that is is actually easier to direct energy since sort of an “energy highway” is already established with the internet connection.

Another aspect of what I do that make distance/physical vibrations etc completely irrelevant is the words of the songs I sing. They are carefully selected from ancient texts and sung in a language that I believe we all understand on a subconscious level. They trigger a memory response and thus opens up the subconscious and make us more receptive to healing. Sometime, somewhere you have heard all of it before and it is of great importance to who you are! We are shaped by our stories and this is why the origin story is such an important part of ritual in earlier societies. Only in our modern world have we forgotten about our stories and rituals and this is, according to many researchers, the reason why we are in so much trouble today. We are a tree without roots, and a tree without roots is very vulnerable. Discovering our roots is extremely strengthening and healing. So if it is with my help or some other way I strongly urge you to explore your story, the myths from all over the world and do whatever you can to reestablish strong roots, because without it we are pretty much… fucked.

Thank you for reading.


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